MWC 2015 : a must-visit for #ecommerce #startup thx to @investinprov_fr #frenchtech

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French Tech Aix Marseille Mobile World Congress
French Tech Aix Marseille Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is a mandatory event for the mobile industry

Taking place from March 2 to 5 in Barcelone

This city sized event gathers 1 800 exhibitors and more than 85 000 visitors (2014).

The French Pavilion/Pavillon France of our beloved friends of Ubifrance is based Hall 5 and an extension Hall 8.1 App Planet.

#Shake15 with Provence Promotion/Euroméditérannée

A « before-Shake » meeting opportunity is set by the Massilian team: they recruited more than 15 start-ups from outer Provence area with a very attractive offer : VIP journey and stay, day at #Shake14… Everything to discover the charms and advantages of investing and develop thier companies in Provence.

They came from Toulouse, Paris, Bruxelles, Milan, Barcelone, Madrid or from very far under kind lead of their guest Laetitia Biciacci.

A special WMC15/#Shake15 package for you!

If you think about it, we are ready to welcome you!

Speed up your development in France, in a attractive and working sunny place: connected to omni channel business, trade, ecommerce, web to store, big data or marketing, international business development, etc.

Si vous avez une entreprise de fort développement, en relation avec le mobile et le ecommerce, le commerce connecté, la big data, le marketing online, la relation clients, le développement international… Venez vous présenter à Shake

Let’s meet on booth 5B61 / Pavillon France with Provence Promotion and UbiFrance teams!

Feel free to visit their websites: Site Officiel MWC 2015 and Site du French Pavillon Ubifrance

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